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What’s going on in the CX industry?

Recent findings show that 40% of customers will walk away after one bad experience with any business. As a result, businesses are integrating and implementing AI strategies more and more. It is designed to help customers and businesses automate many things and make our lives easier, but does it actually work?

Automation and AI

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be found everywhere. We hear directions from our mobile devices to our favorite retail store. As a chatbot on a website, we use it when we have questions about our bank accounts, or when we do not receive our monthly bill from our telecommunications service provider. There are, however, numerous studies that indicate it has a lot of gap potential, and worse, it actually makes things harder rather than easier.

It’s time for us to examine it in more detail. Zendesk, a customer service software provider, gathered insights and found out that many customers are dissatisfied with chatbot services. There is an average of at least 50% of people in Europe who are not happy with how chatbots work. It usually doesn’t work well or they have to repeat themselves at the beginning when a customer service agent comes in, which is a common reason.

Businesses must take an intelligent approach

The good news is, despite these results, there is still room for improvement. People are open to smart initiatives that will help them develop in the future. Perhaps this is because they believe it has more potential to grow. As an example, companies gained a 50% advantage when they began using artificial intelligence to make recommendations for consumers based on their online behavior alone during the previous year.

Three things to keep in mind

• Know your priorities before incorporating any automated tools. Your goal is to resolve issues as quickly as possible, so you should identify your service issues by volume.

• Select one of these cases that can best be addressed by:
o An agent
o A combination of agents and automation
o Purely automation

• Which key issue identified could be improved with AI? Additionally, how can AI increase customer satisfaction through automation?

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